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Privacy Policy

We may ask you for information on our Victoria Tom website or any of our online advertising, such as your full name, phone number, email address and your date of birth. In some cases, we may use a “cookie” file or of similar to get some additional information from you. This is completely voluntary by you and you can choose to opt out at any time.

We may use the information that you provide to us to improve our services from time to time. You can again always opt out of this. We may use this information in ways such as designing a website post to better suit what the user may be interested in, in an online advertisement or even to contact you, based on the user’s preferences. We in no way share this information with any parties not affiliated with Victoria Tom.

If you do choose to opt out of this and do not want your information collected, please do not agree to the collection of information, nor submit any information to us. If you are unsure that you may have submitted information in the past, kindly send us an email to delete your files from our database.

However, there may be some cases where non-personal information may be collected automatically such as the type of operating system you are using, and the domain name that you were on previously before clicking to come to our website.

If you have any other queries for us here at Victoria Tom, please email us. We are happy that you have chosen to visit our site!

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